About enjoty

¡Hello everyone!

enjoty is a gastronomy project that started years ago and focused on sharing our gastronomy experiences with everyone. We did that sharing the content in our social network accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) and in our blog too.

However, after being quite active in the foodie scene during all this time, we realized that we were missing a tool or platform which could centralize all these awesome opinions and reviews that we all keep posting in our social accounts and websites.

That's where enjoty comes to the rescue, as it was re-born to try to cover that gap, as a foodie community. On enjoty you can publish your opinions about dishes, drinks and restaurants, and you will be able to easily find all the reviews for a specific dish or cocktail together. When you visit a new restaurant, you will be able to see the menu sorted by review rate so you can quickly know what the best options are.

Or maybe you are looking for the best steak in town, or the best paella in Barcelona. Thanks to enjoty you will find them quite easily, without spending hours looking at different restaurant websites, gastronomy forums, social networks, etc. enjoty will bring all this to your hand and just at one-touch or click of distance!

We know that contributing to a community can be hard work, and that's why everytime you publish a review or a picture, you will earn foodie points which will help you to go to the next foodie level. The higher the amount of points you get the higher the probability to win discounts and free meals every month!

We recommend you to check our FAQ page if you want to know more about how enjoty works, how to install it like an app, and how to win prizes every month.

Welcome to your foodie community! 😉

The enjoty team

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