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Tapas in Pamplona: Running of the Bull's route

The traditional “tapeo” in Pamplona is a form of culture to enjoy in a good company while you taste the “pinchos” (“pintxos” in the local language; “tapas” as they are well known worldwide) that different bars are used to offer. These tapas have been prepared with special care by the different chefs in each establishment.

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Pinchos, mapa y sorteo de la XXIII Semana del Pincho de Navarra

¡La Semana del Pincho de Navarra ya está aquí! 🥳 Desde enjoty hemos querido facilitar el acceso a toda la información de los pinchos y hemos añadido todos los pinchos con su localización en un mapa. En el siguiente enlace podréis filtrar por ingrediente, pinchos sin gluten o pinchos vegetarianos/veganos:

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Discovering Leon's gastronomy: 5 things you have to try

Leon, located in Castile and Leon (Spain), is one of those cities that you have to visit if you love to eat and enjoy every bite. Leon must be included in the list of the best places to go for tapas too, because with ten euros you can visit six or seven bars, taking a short beer (zurito, penalti ...) and tasting a tapa in each bar (in some bars even choosing it!). Basically, if you are passing through or on vacation, it is cheaper to go for tapas than to buy at the supermarket ;)

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