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Tapas in Pamplona: Running of the Bull's route

The traditional “tapeo” in Pamplona is a form of culture to enjoy in a good company while you taste the “pinchos” (“pintxos” in the local language; “tapas” as they are well known worldwide) that different bars are used to offer. These tapas have been prepared with special care by the different chefs in each establishment.

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Winner of the San Fermin running of the bulls raffle

Time goes fast and it is already one week since we started our raffle to see the running of the bulls at San Fermin (Pamplona, Spain). After adding the last-minute participations, we have drawn the winner and the alternates among the Facebook and Twitter participations. The winner is going to enjoty a breakfast with the person he/she chooses while they see the running of the bulls from a first-floor window at Txirrintxa (Estafeta street) on the 7th of July.

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