The best menus of La Blanca 2016 in Vitoria

It is almost time for the awaited Celedon's descent and the opening of “La Blanca”, the traditional festival in Vitoria / Gasteiz (Basque Country). The chupinazo, which is the rocket to open the fiesta, will be launched on the 4th of August at 18h. Then the festival will go on until the 10th of August at 1 a.m., when Celedon goes back to the San Miguel’s bell tower with his umbrella and surrounded by fireworks.

If you live in Vitoria or you are planning to go there during these days, you probably know that you need to make a reservation beforehand if you want to have lunch or dinner in a restaurant. As we did with San Fermin, we want to help you to choose the best menu for your pocket and palate. We have prepared a list of menus offered by the restaurants located in the old town of Vitoria. This way we try to avoid that you surf the whole Internet visiting every site, as we already did this for you ;) Here you can take a quick look to have an idea of the different menus.

The list has its own format and it is the same we used in the San Fermin menus. You will see that we write things like 4/4/4. This means that in that menu you can choose among four starters, four main dishes and four desserts. If you see 4s/4/4, it means that the starters are shared, and if you see  4/4/-, it means that the desserts are not specified. All the prices have the taxes included (they had it or we added it for you) for you to compare them easily.

We hope this list is useful for you! And if it is, please, share it on Facebook, Twitter or any other social networks, so your friends can also save some time when looking for their ideal menu ;)

On egin! Enjoty!


Price€ Starter/Main/Dessert (Wine, coffee) Restaurant name

19€ 4/4/- (Crianza Rioja) Restaurante La Regadera

22.50€ 3c/4/4 (Crianza, White and Rosé Rioja) Restaurante La casa de Napoleón

25.50€ 3c/8/- (Young Wines Rioja Alavesa) Restaurante Itxasberri

26.50€ 3c/2/1 (Red Wine Rioja Alavesa) Restaurante Cube

29.50€ 3/2/1 (Rioja Crianza) Restaurante Aldaia

29.50€ (menu changes every week) Restaurante La casa de Napoleón

29.70€ 3/2/1 (Young Wine Aladro) Restaurante Don Producto y Tú

29.90€ 5c/2/- (Young Wines Rioja Alavesa) Restaurante Itxasberri

31.85€ 3c/4/- (Rioja Wines) Restaurante Muskari

31.90€ 4/1/1 (Young Wine Aladro) Restaurante Don Producto y Tú

31.90€ 5c/8/1 (Red and Rosé Wine) Restaurante Gurea

33€ 4c/4/1 (Red Wine Raices de Oro) Restaurante Deslorian

33.50€ 5c/9/- (Young Wines Rioja Alavesa) Restaurante Itxasberri

35€ 2/3/1 (drinks not included) Restaurente Sukalki

36.90€ 5c/9/- (Young Wines Rioja Alavesa) Restaurante Itxasberri

37.34€ 2/1/2/- (Crianza, White Rioja or Rueda) Restaurante Muskari

37.40€ 4c/5/1 (Red Wine Raíces de Oro) Restaurante Deslorian

37.40€ 4c/1/1 (Rioja Crianza or Cider) Sidrería El Horreo

37.50€ 4/2/1 (House Crianza Wines) Restaurante La Bilbaina

38€ 4c/2/1 (Young Red Wine and aguja Rosé) Restaurante Bilibio

38.50€ 3c/2/- (Crianza Ramón Bilbao) Restaurante Los Guaranís

39.60€ 6c/9/- (Red and Rosé Wine) Restaurante Gurea

39.90€ 5c/10/- (House Crianza) Restaurante Itxasberri

41.8€ 3/2/1 (Crianza Rioja Alavesa) Restaurante Olarizu

42.50€ 5c/5/- (Crianza Zurbal and Rosé) Restaurante Araba

42.80€ 5/2/4/ (Rioja Red Wine) Restaurante Izaga

42.90€ 3/5/- (Crianza Barón de Larrauri) Restaurante Don Producto y Tú

42.90€ 4c/2/1 (Ugarte Crianza) Restaurante Deslorian

43.90€ 5/6/4 (Rioja Red Wine) Restaurante Izaga

44€ 7c/2/- (Red and Rosé Wines) Restaurante Gurea

46€ 5c/2/1 (Crianza Rioja Alavesa) Restaurante Itxasberri

46.90€ 5/6/4 (Rioja Red Wines) Restaurante Izaga

50€ 4c/2c/- (Rioja Alavesa Crianza) Restaurante Zabala

51.70€ 7c/2/- (Red and Rosé Wines) Restaurante Gurea

53.90€ 5c/2/1 (Crianza Alavesa) Restaurante El Portalón

57€ 3/2/2 (Izadi Crianza) Restaurante Andere

58€ 5c/2c/- (Rioja Alavesa Crianza) Restaurante Zabala

60.50€ 2/1/1 (Cava “Duc de foix” and Brut Nature) Restaurante Don Producto y Tú



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