Traditional Christmas dinner and lunch menus

December is almost here and we have to sign up or organize the traditional Christmas lunch and dinner again.

Over time, arrival of Christmas is more related to leisure, entertainment and celebrations with family, friends and co-workers. These dates are, without a doubt, a good excuse to organize a good feast around a table.

menu cenas navidad

To participate in the well-known "Christmas dinner", either with friends or colleagues, allows us to disconnect a little bit from our daily routines, abandon our concerns and spend a pleasant time while enjoy eating.

Bistros and restaurants become meeting centers offering special menus. You do not need to worry about anything, just have fun and enjoy the celebration. They put place and food, you put the company!

As we know that organizing this kind of celebration is a big responsibility, we present you a list of restaurants that offer fantastic closure menus in Northern Spain. You just have to do the booking and enjoy the moment. Weekends leading up to Christmas ( 2, 3, 9, 10, 16 and 17 December) offer this possibility of closure menus. VAT included in the prices.

Can’t wait for booking, right? Otherwise, available restaurants will quickly disappear.

¡Enjoy it!


25€, Bar Restaurante NireEtxea

27€, Café Iruña

28€ or 32€ (a mix drink included), Txirrintxa

32€ or 36€ (a mix drink included), Restaurante El Burladero

35€ or 40€ (a mix drink included), Restaurante El Burladero

36€ with a mix drink included, Zentral

36€, Restaurante Ansoleaga 33

39€, Casa Otano

42€, Pamplona Catedral Hotel

45€, Restaurante San Fermín


41€, Restaurante Casa Lola

46€, Restaurante Casa Lola


25€, Restaurante LAVID

30€-37.5€-42€-51€ Delicatto

33€, Restaurante Pan y vino


25€-30€-35€-40€, Restaurante La Mafia

35€, Restaurante & Bar La Bilbaina

38€, Restaurante Bilibio

45€-55€-66€, Restaurante Andere


Mikel 7 years, 5 months ago

Me viene genial, gracias!


bodas y eventos gijon 5 years, 4 months ago

Interesante . Aprendo algo con cada sito web todos los días. Siempre es grato poder devorar el contenido de otros bloggers. Me gustaría usar algo de tu articulo en mi blog, naturalmente pondré un enlace , si no te importa. Gracias por compartir.


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