San Fermín 2017 menus in Pamplona

In a few days one of the best festivals in the world will begin: San Fermin (or Sanfermines). This amazing Spanish festival is celebrated in Pamplona (Navarre). The people living in Pamplona are already getting nervous. They are probably busy preparing the typical white trousers, the red handkerchief and organizing different gastronomic events with their friends. Some people coming from abroad don’t worry too much about preparations. They will just add a red handkerchief to their normal outfit and they will eat a sandwich somewhere. However, there is still a good number of people looking for good restaurants to enjoy the festival in a gastronomic way too.

We know you are the kind of person who enjoys eating a good dish, so we have prepared a list of menus available during San Fermin. This will save you some time and it will avoid you surf the entire internet or walk all the streets of Pamplona in order to find the best menu. Not all the restaurants offer a San Fermin menu and not all of them are available online. That’s why we can't give you the entire list of menus, but you will have more than enough to make a good decision. Check out the following link to find all menus:

San Fermin Menus and Best Food

You will see that we write strange numbers like 4/4/4. This means that in that menu you can choose among four starters, four main dishes and four desserts. If you see 4s/4/4, it means that the starters are shared, and if you see  4/4/-, it means that the desserts are not specified. All the prices have the taxes included (they had it or we added it for you). We hope this helps you finding the ideal menu for you ;)

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Enjoty your meal! Enjoty San Fermin!!

Old town

20€ 6c/10/9 (Wine not included) Dinner menu Catachu

22€ 6/6/- (1/2 bottle of wine) El Marrano

24.90€ 6c-5/13/9 (Wine not included) Lunch menu Catachu

25€ 11/14/- (Drinks included) El chupinazo

27€  6/7/6/ (Crianza Red Wine) Lunch menu Café Niza

27,50€ 3c/10/4 (Crianza Red Wine) Bar Restaurante NireEtxea

28€ 3c/1/8/- (D.O. wine) El patio de las comedias

28.80€-32.80€ 7/9/- (Drinks included) Asador Aralar

30€ 5/6/1 (Wine included) Qwerty

30€-40€ (You can choose when doing the reservation) Restaurante El Colmado

32€ 5/5/4 (1/2 bottle of wine) Txirrintxa.

33€ 1/3c/6/4 (Inurrieta winery) Zentral

35€ 8/8/5 (½ bottle of Principe de Viana wine) La Mandarra de La Ramos

35€ 7/7/7 (No drinks included) El Tinglado

38€ Tasting menu (Wine not included) Baserriberri Bar Restaurante

38€ 4c/7/6 (Cider included) Chez Belagua

40€ 3c/6/3 (Wine included) Cocotte

40-42€ 2/2c/2/1 (Wine included) Restaurante Anttonenea

45€ 9/10/10 (1/2 bottle of wine included) (Only dinner) Casa Otano

45€ Closed menu (Wine included) Restaurante San Fermín

45€ 1/3c/5/- (Drinks included) Iruñazarra

49€ 4c/5/3 (No drinks included) Hotel Tres Reyes Menu for the 7th of July

49€  8/9/4 (No drinks included) Hotel Tres Reyes Menu for the rest of San Fermín (6th to 14th of July, except the 7th)

50€ (Wine not included) Taste Menu Palacio Guendulain


26€ 5/5/4 (Cup of wine included) La Piedra

30€-35€ 4 menus to choose (Soda included) Tandoori


25€ 30 € 9/10/- (Crianza wine) Restaurante Don Pelayo

25€ 15/12/11 (House wine) Restaurante Síbaris

25€ 6/6/6 (Drinks not included) Lunch menu BAHIA Food Club

28€ 3c/7/3 (No drinks included) La Jaula del Cuatro y Medio

28,60 € 17/19/13 (D.O. Wine) Deboca

29,70€ 9/9/10 (Wine included) Gastrobar Moka

34€ 6c/6/- (Wine included) Argileku (From 10th to 14th of July only)

38€ 3c/1/10/8 (Drinks not included) Venta de Urriza

35-37,5€ 1/2/9/3 (Wine and coffee included) Restaurante El Colegio

40€ 4c/4/2 (Iñurrieta wine included) Dinner menu El mercado

44€ 6c/6/- (Wine included) Argileku

45€ Closed menu (Wine included) Argileku

45€  4c/1+1/- (Iñurrieta wine included) Lunch menu El Mercado

46€ 7/9/7 (Crianza wine) Restaurante El Burladero


25€ 9/14/9 (Drinks included) Restaurante Larraisko

27,90€ 5c/16/7 (Crianza wine) Restaurante Uslaer

45€ 4c/1/8/1 (Crianza wine) Asador Olave

Soto de Lezkairu

20€ 9/9/5 (Crianza wine) Bidezkairu


19€ 4/4/4 (Drinks not included) Ripa A3

20€ 8/8/5 (Crianza wine) Zarzaparrilla


22€ 3c/8/7 (Drinks included) Bar Restaurante Haran


33€ 3c/1/10/- (Crianza wine) Hotel Casa Jacinto 

??€ 5/5/- (House Wine included) Bar Sidney


20€ 5/7/4 (Drinks included)  Gastro Okei Errialde (Villava)

30€ 5/8/4 (Crianza wine included) Hotel Don Carlos (Huarte)

32€ 3/8/- (Drinks not included) Asador Maya (Esquíroz)

36€ 5/5/8/4 (Crianza wine included) Hotel Don Carlos (Huarte)

36.3€ 1/2/2 (Wine included) Restaurante Asador Ezcabarte (Oricain)

48€ 1/2/4/2 (Iñurrieta wine included) Restaurante Castillo de Gorraiz (Gorraiz)

60€ Closed menu (Chardonnay wine included) Restaurante Mixtura (Huarte)


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